The victory of the GKW Law Firm in a dispute over the employer’s liability for infringement of personal interests by an employee

The law firm represented the employer in a court dispute over the protection of personal interests, brought by a bus passenger in connection with the driver’s infringement of personal interests. The Regional Court in Warsaw, in its judgment of September 12, 2019, upheld the judgment of the District Court dismissing the passenger’s claim in this case.

The courts of both instances shared the position of the Law Firm, according to which the employer’s liability for damage caused by an employee concerns material damage and compensation for material losses, and not compensation for infringement of personal interests. The courts upheld the objection raised by the Law Firm of the employer’s lack of capacity to be a party in a given civil case due to infringement of personal interests by the employee.

The judgment is final.

12.09.2019, Katarzyna Nowicka


Katarzyna Nowicka

partner, attorney-at-law

Katarzyna Nowicka

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