Administrative litigation

Grabalski, Kempiński i Wspólnicy represent Clients in administrative proceedings, also before administrative courts. Our experience includes proceedings regarding penalties and punitive charges, cases concerning the construction law, environmental protection and public information (also as representatives of public administration authorities). Our team also deals with the cases at the interface of administrative, civil and tax proceedings (e.g., disputes with the Social Insurance Institution).

The scope of advisory services:

  • representing Clients at all stages of administrative proceedings, including participation in administrative trials;
  • preparing letters and means of appeal;
  • representing Clients before public administration authorities and administrative courts.


The victory of the Law Firm before the Supreme Administrative Court

The victory of the Law Firm in the case regarding the ban on allowing dogs in the premises of the park  (II OSK 726/17). The Supreme  Administrative Court has endorsed the position of the Law Firm, ruling that the regulations of using the municipal park  have breached the rights of residents, animals’ carers by banning their entrance to publically accessible premises, which constitutes a limitation of liberty and the human and citizens’ rights.


Katarzyna Nowicka

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Katarzyna Nowicka

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