Civil litigation

Lawyers from Grabalski, Kempinski i Wspólnicy team have extensive experience in court proceedings in civil, commercial and labor law cases. Our advisory services include legal assistance in resolving disputes both amicably and throught litigation. Our Law Firm represents Clients in proceedings before common courts of law and the Supreme Court.

The scope of advisory services:

  • representing Clients in proceedings before common courts of law and the Supreme Court;
  • developing litigation strategies in court proceedings;
  • conducting conciliatory negotiations;
  • representing Clients in mediation.


Representing the bus driver in the complaint proceeding

Representing the bus driver in the complaint proceeding, widely commented on in the media, regarding the driver's arrest. The court agreed with the Law Firm's position and found that the actions of the police were incorrect.

The victory in a dispute over the protection of personal rights with the publisher of Newsweek

The victory of the Law Firm in a dispute between ATF sp.z o.o. sp.k. and Ringier Axel Springer Polska sp.z o.o. – publisher and journalists of Newsweek, regarding the protection of personal rights. The District Court in Warsaw, as a result of the lawsuit by the Law Firm, ordered the publisher of Newsweek and the authors of the article to include statements with apologies for posting partially untrue information violating the company's good name.

Advice provided to the foundation

Representing foundation in a dispute with a bank financing foundation investment project. Actions of our Law Firm succeeded in repeal of an attachment of the foundation bank account in which were gathered aid measures from European Union. In that case the legal issue were addressed to the Supreme Court which shared the view of our Law Firm about inadmissibility of an attachment questioning by our Law Firm (The Supreme Court resolution from 26.02.2015, III CZP 104/14)
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