Labor-law disputes

Lawyers from Grabalski, Kempinski i Wspólnicy team have vast experience in representing Clients in labor law related disputes. Our team has participated in the proceedings connected with the termination of employment, mobbing and discrimination of employees. We are also experienced in disputes connected with breaches of non-competition agreements by employees and managers.

The scope of advisory services:

  • proceedings before common courts of law and the Supreme Court;
  • proceedings before social arbitration bodies;
  • conciliatory negotiations and mediations.


Representing the bus driver in the complaint proceeding

Representing the bus driver in the complaint proceeding, widely commented on in the media, regarding the driver's arrest. The court agreed with the Law Firm's position and found that the actions of the police were incorrect.

The victory of the Law Firm before the Supreme Court

The victory of the Law Firm before the Supreme Court in the case regarding the employees’ obligations of submitting to a preventive breath test (II PK 199/17). The ruling of the Supreme Court has an important practical significance. So far, the position that an employee cannot be punished by the employer for the refusal to be submitted to a breath test itself, unless there has been a justified suspicion regarding his/her sobriety has prevailed in jurisprudence.

Representing a client in a case regarding discrimination

Representing a client in a case regarding  employees’ discrimination due to the date of  establishing the employment relationship. The case has ended in the victory before the Supreme Court (II PK 16/15). Taking into account the cassation appeal of the Law Firm, the Supreme Court has decided that the date of starting employment in the Company cannot be deemed to be a basis for  differentiating employees, as it does not refer either to the plaintiff’s personal characteristics or to the prohibited criterion of differentiating due to employment for the definite or indefinite period of time (or full-time or part-time employment).
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Katarzyna Nowicka

partner, advocate

Katarzyna Nowicka

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Agnieszka Skowron

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Małgorzata Mieleszko

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